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Misogynism In The Professional Life

Women face a multitude of problems in their professional lives. The most obvious such discrimination happens in the form of sexual harassment at the workplace. However, that is far from the only issue. In order to break the glass ceiling, a woman has to overcome the gender pay-gap, where women are paid, often significantly, lower than men for similar services, and pregnancy related discriminations. This causes working women to face a major dilemma when it comes to starting a family. In all of this, one very subtle issue probably gets regularly overlooked. That of societal conditioning. During the course of their childhood, girls are often, ever so gently, nudged towards things that are considered by the society to be girly. Being good at the arts rather than sciences and maths is often made a focus. Such very subtle social mores culminate into life-changing characteristics. Given that probably some of the best paying jobs are in the fields of science and technology, we are probably hampering a female’s participation from her very childhood. While steps are being taken to encourage girls in science, technology, engineering and maths, it is also important to try to ensure a truly gender neutral upbringing. This would guarantee that a person’s true talents are nurtured irrespective of their gender.

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