My Collection Of Arts

What is in my collection

I love collecting art by esteemed artists and am passionate about collecting the masterpieces by some famous artists. Here are some priceless collections by me.

Chhatrapati Dutta.png

Masterpiece By Chhatrapati Dutta

Chhatrapati Dutta - Artist

Prof Chhatrapati Dutta is an eminent, multimedia skilled artist, and his practice explores the issues of post-colonial India, such as the Rising consumerist culture of a developing society through the lens of the City Of Joy. I have a full collection of many of his portraits which am going to showcase in my personal website, here.

Masterpiece by Chhatrapati Dutta

Posing in front of this masterpiece

I am an ameteur art lover. I have a lot of collections of various beautiful arts and paintings by some of the maestros from the world of art. Now here in my personal website am showcasing some of the masterpieces from my collections.

Deepali Bhattacharya.png

A Masterpiece By Esteemed Dipali Bhattacharya

A traditional couple

Dipali Bhattacharya was born in 1952 and graduated from Government College Of Art and Craft, kolkata. Art Maestro Dipali's subjects are deeply rooted in the environment; her paintings depict landscapes and are the places for dream like sequences against the street life of KOLKATA