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Russian Aggression Outcome

To effect this, SBI has issued a circular as it fears that any transaction with entities or sectors under sanction will invite sanction on it as well, sources said. No transactions involving entities, banks, ports or vessels appearing on a US, European Union or United Nations sanctions list would be processed irrespective of the currency of the transaction, bank said. The SBI bank decided Payments due to such entities have to be processed by other mechanism rather than through the banking channel. However as INDIAN Entrepreneur It feel that in a war affected countries the small to medium scale businesses suffer a huge loss. Also they have to abide certain rules of big countries in order to not fall under sanctions further inviting bitter relationship to few old business ties developed in the past. When businesses start working under fear or succumbed to external Foreign pressures that is the beginning of the downfall which remains invisible initially. #business #india #project #energy #banking #banks #gas #euro #europeanunion #currency #payments #trading #bank

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