Why Do Joint Families Getting Broken Up

During the last quarter of the century there has been a radical change in the social fabric of our country INDIA. There has been a gradual disintegration of the joint family system and emergence of ‘nuclear family’. Reflecting the rise of the nuclear families in urban India, these families are smaller in size—88 percent have three to four members with no senior citizens and just 11 percent have more than two children. They prefer flats over houses, they prefer to lead their lives on their own times, they prefer to do holidays alone, they want lesser communication with extended families but more with family friends and friends circles. Whereas in a joint family system , since there are many family members living together, the responsibilities are shared. There are common living, shared responsibilities and utilities and also co-existence, which play key role in development of bondings. There is a 'Karta' who is the head of the family and irrespective of gender the karta looks after the wellbeing of the family. But many new generation's nuclear families think it is the ''Karta" who dominates or tries to dominate the entire family. This stereotype thought process is not only false but baseless also because I have a joint family where every decisions are taken through discussions and democratically. As far as the word "dominant" comes it is not joint families based, you can find dominant characters even in nuclear families too. I feel certain stereotype thinkings are responsible for drawing some negative impressions toward the concept of unity in family living. In joint families all the working members of the family contribute towards the common pool. Assets are majorly ancestral in nature of the common pool owned. With changing times, the families started to disintegrate and became more nuclear in nature.That is entirely someone's personal choice but the strength in staying together in trying times is something that can only be feel in joint families when people stay together, eat together, laugh together, fight together, cry together as well. Does that mean there is no fight or quarrels among the family members? There are fights, quarrels, as if there are various utensils in a kitchen, noises are bound to happen. Family members are like those utensils in the kitchen. As I come from a joint family I can only say that good or bad both exist in every person, no one is perfect but spreading negative rumours on joint family structures is somewhat responsible for the rapid growth of nuclear families. I prefer one should choose their family type (joint or nuclear) based on his or her own personal choice n not based on certain cliche ideas which lack datas. #communication #change #gender #wellbeing #utilities #india #like #people #growth #development #pawanruiaopines

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